Are we capable of change or are we doomed to repeat history? Lessons from the destruction of the ancient Roman city of Pompeii.

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog and I usually only post about sewing, but I feel the need to unload some thoughts about the current Covid 19 virus global pandemic. The pandemic has thrown our lives into disarray, unprecedented in our life times. We’re in unchartered waters and it’s unsettling. When lockdown […]

A New Killer Resource for Sewists: ‘Fashion Style – die Mode zum Selbernaehen’.

This German sewing magazine, brand new this year is fast becoming one of my favourites – here’re 5 reasons why. 1) It’s Good Value for Money For just six euros, each monthly issued is packed with over 30 patterns including traceable pattern sheets. 2) Trendy, Modern and Classic Styles in a Range of Garment Types Each […]

#aweekofturias Final Week – The Auction!

My #aweekofturias cancer charity sewing challenge is over! Seven pairs of Turia dungarees are completed and the final lace pair are READY TO BUY! PLUS Don’t miss out on two very special collectors items kindly donated by Lladybird!!!! Where will your money go? All proceeds from the auction will be donated to #teamirfon Irfon William’s charity […]

#aweekofturias Cancer Charity Challenge Week Three: How to Resize the Turia Dungaree Pattern for Children.

I’m almost done with the #aweekofturias challenge! It’s my final week of the #aweekofturias challenge to raise money for the #teamirfon cancer charity appeal on Please sponsor me here. I’ve now made six pairs of the Turia dungaree pattern by Pauline Alice and last week I made a discovery – by reducing the size of the […]

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