A New Killer Resource for Sewists: ‘Fashion Style – die Mode zum Selbernaehen’.

Fashion Style - die Mode zum Selbernaehen
Fashion Style – die Mode zum Selbernaehen

This German sewing magazine, brand new this year is fast becoming one of my favourites – here’re 5 reasons why.

1) It’s Good Value for Money

For just six euros, each monthly issued is packed with over 30 patterns including traceable pattern sheets.

fashion style patterns

2) Trendy, Modern and Classic Styles in a Range of Garment Types

fashion style styles

fashion style contents

Each issue includes a range of tops, skirts, pants and jacket patterns in modern styles and a range of sizes including plus sizes.

Plus sized fashion included.
Plus sized fashion included.

I particularly like the recurring feature of one pattern, five ways which shows one pattern in five different fabrics and ways to style it.

One dress made in five different fabrics and styled in five different ways
One dress made in five different fabrics and styled in five different ways

3) Includes Added Extras

The magazine has bonus features such as ‘how-to’s’ for accessory making and tips and trends showcasing new products on the sewing market.

fashion style diy

There’s also a knitting pattern and ‘how-to’s’ for home crafts included.

4) Styles and Designs for Range of Sewing Skill Levels

Patterns are rated according to sewing skill levels and each issue includes a range of patterns from beginner to advanced sewer levels.

fashion style patterns 1

Also there’s a helpful section at the start of the pattern instruction booklet with diagrams and explanations of basic sewing techniques, tricks and tips such as zip and sleeve insertions, seam finishes, waistbands, etc. Useful for sewing beginners.

fashion style sewing explanations

5) Pattern Drafting 101

Another regular feature in each issue is the inclusion of a pattern drafting exercise and demonstration using a garment seen on the catwalk as the design inspiration.

fashion style pattern drafting

The only downside of this magazine for the majority of English speaking sewers is that it’s only available in German at the moment. Although with some sewing experience and Google translate, I think this magazine is accessible to most sewers.


I think this magazine’s worth checking out! Here’s the cover jumpsuit pattern from this issue that I’ve made using organic twill cotton self-dyed with natural indigo.

fashion style jumpsuit

Happy sewing and wishing you a good rest of the week,


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4 thoughts on “A New Killer Resource for Sewists: ‘Fashion Style – die Mode zum Selbernaehen’.

  1. I love sewing magazines, it’s true great value for money. If you like that one you should check out La Maison Victor it is a Belgian sewing magazine, almost all my favorite makes are from their patterns. (It comes in Dutch, French and I think also German)

    1. Thanks Nathalie, I’m a big sewing mag fan too! Thanks for the La Maison Victor tip, I actually already have it, it’s available in German here too now and yes it is very good. My next mag review will be about ‘Cut’ magazine, also in German and it’s a fab one and my top tip for you!

  2. Hi!!
    I love this magazine. This come from nederland and the name here in the nederland is knipmode. I think that is too in Frech because you can buy it in Belgium.

    1. Thanks Sandra, I didn’t know that! So happy you told me. I think it only started in Germany at the beginning of this year, it’s a good mag though! Are there any more good sewing mags around that are worth sharing? Do you know Cut magazine? That’s also good.

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