Here’s A Quick Way To Boost Your Self-Made Summer Wardrobe.

It’s sizzling hot here in southern Germany and I’ve little time for sewing. I’d much rather be cooling off in my local Freibad!

Fortunately, I was given a pattern multi-pack with all I needed to quickly give my self-made summer wardrobe a hefty boost. In one week, using half of the pack’s quick and easy patterns, I’ve managed to create all the garments below and still had time to hang out with my family.

How did I do it, you’re wondering?

Pattern Parcel #3
All made using Pattern Parcel #3

With Pattern Parcel #3, a collection of six indie-designer sewing patterns with enough variety to keep me sewing all summer.

I chose to make the Parcel’s simplest patterns –

  1. April Rhodes The Staple Dress.
  2. Made with Moxie Prefontaine Shorts (Pattern Parcel #3’s Bonus Pattern).
  3. Jenna Brand Jorna Dress.

Patterns that I could churn out as quickly as possible and which worked with fabrics I had in my stash.

With so little free time these days, my sewing philosophy is, make simple shapes with deluxe fabrics!

April Rhodes Staple dress.
April Rhodes Staple dress in 1m of 140cm wide Italian silk/cotton.
  • The Staple Dress – The April Rhodes Staple dress pattern is exactly what it says on the packet. A beginner-friendly, basic dress pattern that’s quick to sew and a useful wardrobe-filler.
April Rhodes Staple dress with side pockets.
April Rhodes Staple dress with side pockets.
  • Standard Version. I first made the dress following the original pattern.

Sewing notes – I made size XS, skipped the elastic waist shirring and French seamed everything, including the side-seam pockets. I understitched the neck and arm bindings.

April Rhodes Staple Dress in maxi length in Italian silk crepe de chine.
April Rhodes Staple Dress in maxi length in Italian silk crepe de chine.
  • The Maxi. To make the maxi dress, I extended the Staple dress pattern pieces at the side seams to my desired maxi-length and added side splits at the bottom of the side seams (next time I’ll make these longer).

Sewing notes – To stop the silk clinging, I cut out a replica of the dress (midi length) in viscose and made a lining.

Lining of April Rhodes Staple dress as maxi.
Lining of April Rhodes Staple dress as maxi.

I sewed the side and shoulder seams of the dress and lining separately.

maxi dress 20

Then joined the dress and lining by placing the lining inside the dress, wrong sides facing and sewed the neck and armhole bias bindings to both layers, as if they were one.

Side splits at hem.
Side splits at hem.

I did French seams on both dress and lining and omitted the pockets and waist-shirring. I understiched the neck and arm bindings.

Waist casing and tie with beaded ends.
Waist casing and tie with beaded ends.

To cinch in the waist, I added a tie casing and tie with beaded ends.

April Rhodes Staple maxi dress back view.
April Rhodes Staple maxi dress back view.
  • Top Version – Using the Staple dress pattern pieces cut at about pocket length, I made a top using left-over fabric from the midi-dress.
April Rhodes Staple Dress as top in cotton/silk mix.
April Rhodes Staple Dress as top in cotton/silk mix.

Sewing notes – To get the most out of my border print fabric, I used the printed end of the fabric for the front of the top and the upper plain part for the back, neck and arm facings and hem bands.

April Rhodes Staple dress as top - back view.
April Rhodes Staple dress as top – back view.

I added hem bands by folding two fabric rectangles the same length as the bottom edge of the top lengthways and attaching them to the hem. It couldn’t have been simpler!

d&g top 2

  • Summer Shorts – The Made with Moxie Prefontaine Shorts, (Pattern Parcel #3‘s bonus pattern) are another straightforward and versatile make. These would be very on-trend in silk and the pattern could easily be extended to make full length pants.
Made With Moxie Prefontaine Shorts in Liberty print cotton.
Made With Moxie Prefontaine Shorts in Liberty print cotton.

Sewing notes – The pattern was easy to follow and clearly explained including detailed instructions for making welt, side and patch pockets. I made mine in size 4 and found sewing the waist elastic tricky, although I’m sure with practice this would get easier.

stripe jersey dress 3
Jenna Brand Jorna dress in bi-stretch cotton jersey.
  • The Jersey Dress – Finally I made the Jenna Brand Jorna dress, a simple dress with only four pattern pieces.
Jenna Brand Jorna dress back view.
Jenna Brand Jorna dress back view.

Sewing notes – I made mine in size XS which is a snug fit on me! This was a straightforward make although I suggest tacking the neck facing to the inside side seams to stop the facing rolling out.

stripe jersey dress 1
Jorna Dress’s swing-ability and side seam chevrons (unfortunately out of shot!).

I was given these patterns to promote Pattern Parcel #3 and the children’s educational charity they donate to. However I was under no obligation to make these garments, I genuinely like these patterns.

Pattern Parcel #3 is only available for another two days so don’t miss out, choose your price and get it now!

buy button curves

Now I’m off for a swim!

I wish you sunny days and happy sewing.


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20 thoughts on “Here’s A Quick Way To Boost Your Self-Made Summer Wardrobe.

  1. Wow! What a great use of the whole bundle. I really like the full length silk striped dress on you! And the striped Jorna looks really easy to wear for the summer.

    1. Thank you Sara! I think the bundle patterns have been really well chosen. I love the striped silk but felt like it was a bit challenging to use as a maxi. I’m happy if you think it works! And yes, the Jorna dress is really easy to wear!

    1. Thanks Jill! Actually the shorts are in cotton, I’ll be making the silk pair next. These were my test pair.

  2. I am very much inspired by your creations! And I love your “simple shapes – deluxe fabric” approach! I enjoy your blog and your sewing resources! Greetings from Berlin 😉

    1. Thank you, I appreciate that so much! Stay tuned because I’ve been busy researching and I’ve got many more resources to share.

    1. Thanks Erin! I did make a bit of a concerted effort to make some things I could mix and match, but I always go for similar colours and patterns so it wash’t that difficult!

  3. Wow, this set is amazing – I love that you have used the border print fabric to get two very different things and that they all go well together. Simple shapes + great fabric = WOW!

    1. Thank you so much! I had a couple more ideas to use the border print fabric as the insert in the free Polly top from By Hand London and the staple dress as a top pattern – I think it would achieve a very similar look to the D&G summer ’14 tops.

    1. Thank you, there are just endless possibilities with these patterns, I think they’re perfect for a capsule wardrobe.

  4. What nice summery pieces. So simple, yet all very flattering. The border-print fabric pieces turned out better than I had imagined. You have a good fashion eye. Keep it up!

  5. Great job with all of these!! I was wondering if you would mind sharing your hip size. I’m deciding between sizes – thinking of size 4- and like the fit of yours and want to get a similar fit. Thanks!

    1. Thanks so much Betsy! My hip size is 95cm, I hope that helps. Good luck and if you can send me a link, I’d love to see how yours turn out.

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