YoSaMi Guide to the Autumn Colour Trends 2013

I realise that the question on everybody’s lips right now is, ‘What are the key colour trends for the autumn 2013 season in the provinces of Southern Germany?’

So let me put you all out of your anxiety and offer you a YoSaMi breakdown of the colour impact on the mood of the autumn season in this European fashion hub.


Balancing act

‘Deep red and yellow shades of compensate and counterbalance precisely embellish the surroundings with daring enthusiasm. Green and orange tones of integrate and accommodate expose a rich canvas. Shimmering pink accents add unadulterated gusto while epitomising obscurity. An act of grandiose proportions.’


Strike a pose

‘Crimson shades of affectation uncover a landscape of undeniable pretense. Mauve and lilac tones join in perfect unison with green to display unprecedented certainty. Delicate and subtle pink concepts reveal hidden ingenuity. A lasting and desirable impression.’


Light Touch 

‘Golden yellow tones of strike a chord distinguish the balance between delicacy and suppleness. Leaf textures evoke a deep notion of unconstrained delight.’

P1270453 P1270405

Luxe so good 

Ostentatious shades of deep burgundy exude unflinching opulence on a backdrop of an elaborate wooden garden table of diversity. Lime hues of hedonistic majesty draw attention. Intense scarlet tones of lavish luxury complete the package. Sumptious and self indulgent.’


Sole statement 

‘Vivid yellow shades of bona fide radiate with refinement on an ingenious palette of untainted invention. Fuchsia tones of genuine existence coalesce with flawlessness on a canvas of floral innovation. Fiery orange shades unify with elements of striking light purple to create a sensation of vivacity and vitality. Lime green tones of intrinsic origination inspire realistic visions of unique ingenuity. Substantive and sincere.’

What colours are trending in your corner of the world this season?

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