The #aweekofturias Charity Challenge: Will You Help Me?

I want to raise money for my friend’s cancer charity and I need your help!

3 Pairs of Turia dungarees - pattern by Pauline Alice Patterns.
3 Pairs of Turia dungarees – pattern by Pauline Alice Patterns.

I’ve been making the Turia Dungarees pattern by Pauline Alice Patterns recently – it was a natural progression from all my jumpsuit making!

Leopard print Turias - you can see how my Turias are getting a little crazier as the weeks go on! And I'm wearing them with snake skin shoes - scandalous!
Leopard print Turias – my Turias are getting a little crazier as the weeks go on LOL! And I’m wearing them with snake skin shoes – scandalous! Well it was Jungle January!

Anyway, I’ve been wearing my Turias a lot and following the posting of a pic of my third pair on Instagram, a bit of online banter with Kirsty (who’s as ‘top notch’ in person as her blog name BTW) made me decide, it’d be fun to make a pair for every day of the week.

Then I thought, it’d be even better if I could turn my Turia challenge into a fundraising drive for my friend Irfon Williams, who’s being treated for cancer, and his charity to support the mental health of cancer patients.

So the plan was hatched.

The #aweekofturias Challenge

The plan is simple. I’ve already made three pairs of Turias and I’m pledging to make four more by February 28th. I’ve made on average, a pair per week so far, so hopefully this is manageable.

I’ll post the completed pairs on the blog each week as I finish them and I’ll put some progress pics on Instagram – you can find me @yosamicontact.

On Monday March 2nd, I’ll hold an online auction of the final pair on Instagram (more details nearer the time) – don’t worry if you’re not on there, you can also leave a bid in the comments section of the blog post. The Turias will be in Pauline Alice Patterns size 38 and will be in a yet-to-be-determined style and fabric – I’ll try to keep them as interesting as I possibly can!

How Can You Help?

You can help to spur me onto the finish line by donating to the #teamirfon registered charity on the JustGiving website and by joining the online bidding for the final pair.

I’d also love to have company making Turias, so let me know if you’d like to join me in the comments below. Also if you’d like to donate some unloved makes or surplus sewing supplies to the online auction, that’d be awesome too.

I thank you in advance for your help, it’s so appreciated and I know that it’ll make Irfon happy!

Now let the Turia making begin!

Happy sewing,




7 thoughts on “The #aweekofturias Charity Challenge: Will You Help Me?

  1. What a wonderful idea! Found you via Top Notch on Instagram. I’m so looking forward to seeing what you create, and bid on the Turia dungagrees!

    1. Hi Kirsty, Thanks so much for alerting me to this, hopefully it’s fixed now and also thanks for donating!!! You’re a star. Also I’ve only just found your comments, for some reason they’d all ended up in the spam box. I’m not technical enough to know why, but sorry I haven’t been ignoring you!

  2. Let me know if you want a donation from
    me to help your project. Love Dad

    1. Hi Dad, thanks for stopping by and please donate, it’ll not only help my friend Irfon but also the other patients at the cancer unit of the Welsh hospital that’s treating him. Chris x

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